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Cobb Island Wedding

So, I need to start with the fact that Kayla was a bridesmaid at Avery's wedding (one of my best friend's nieces - and I feel like those of you who have been following along for awhile will remember her beach wedding and pictures of her with her Marine walking out of the ocean but just in case go refresh and look at their blog post because it matters to this story).

As I was loading up my car that day to head home Kayla pulled me aside and was basically like, "Listen. I'm not engaged yet - but when it happens I'm calling you." & it wasn't very long after that she DID call (message?) me to be like, "Hey, I got engaged yesterday - what's 2021 like for you?" Now - this was back in 2019 before ANYONE knew what 2020 was going to bring so I was all, "NoThInG I'm WidE oPen." & we set a date!

That date changed and honestly, for the better.

When I got there all anyone could talk about was how the MOMENT she got engaged she told everyone she knew who her photographer would be because she watched me standing in the ocean with a broken knee and freshly torn ACL getting toppled by waves to get the best shots for her friend and she said she was like, "Yep. That's the one." So the pressure to give THIS sweet girl amazing images was on. Seriously - I was so anxious (in a good way) especially since I've never been to Maryland and couldn't exactly scout locations on Cobb Island ahead of time.

So Nick and I loaded the twins up for a seven hour road trip (ends up being more like 9 once we add in stops and breaks for gas) and we drove through some of the prettiest places to get to Virgina (where our hotel was). Then I drove through even prettier places alone to get to Maryland and then Cobb Island (I want to live on an Island now).

They were getting ready at the PRETTIEST house (her landlord's) and their ceremony was on a friend's property. The whole day I was basically just like, "OH LOOK AT THAT," and "OH MY GOSH HOW PRETTY IS THAT DOCK?" and "THE SUNSET IS SO GORGEOUS HERE!"

So I get home (to the hotel two hours away from the wedding) and MY LAPTOP STOPS WORKING. Long story short my operating system failed after a glitch in the update but I was DETERMINED to send them previews because of all of my couples the ones that spend the whole day talking about how they knew I was "the one" for them... well... they NEEDED previews. I ended up buying a thing-a-mah-jig to edit on one of the twins' Ipads and texted them from the passenger seat while Nick drove a few previews to hold them over until my laptop was fixed (you know - during my busiest week in the industry ever after a decade of doing this).

So here I am.

Finally blogging those previews.

A little later than I wanted it to be, but I didn't want to rush through their preview post.

I hope you love them as much as I love these two sweet souls.

I would make this road trip again in a heartbeat to visit them!

PS; 2021 is the year I get all of the cute animal pictures and pet all the fluffy creatures I'm tellin' ya. & once this week is over I plan to edit up a few more previews for them and send them over <3 But for now enjoy all of these gorgeous details and some of my favorites from their wedding day.

Why is this dog a model?????

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