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It's weird describing the "me behind the camera" but I'll start with the fact I'm the mother of two of the cutest identical twin girls you've ever seen (just look at those grins and blue eyes). They turned 7 at the start of 2021 and we’ve been toughing out homeschooling until they can return safely to school full time. They were three months early and the reason that I’ll always have a special place in my heart for maternity sessions. Their dad, Nick, and I love to travel with them - they are the best road trippers, ever. 

When I moved from my hometown in Florida to a new town here in WNC I remember wishing I had photos of my friends (this was before social media). When I talk about the twins being so small in the NICU I find myself wishing I had more photos of them there to show people, because words don’t really do it justice. When I think about my little brother who passed in 2019 I wish I had handed the camera to my mom during family shoots for them and had her take one of him and me so that I could be in the photos with him, instead of just photos of him. 


I try to take photos for people that they might regret not having captured even if they think they might be too big while pregnant, too tired as a new mom, or too busy in another season of their life to slow down.

I want my clients to slow down, and soak up the current chapter they are living in - whatever that may be.


The twins are the inspiration behind some of the smaller details of my business (like the "Thank You" gifts my couples receive after booking) and my "why” behind my work ethic; without happy clients, I can’t provide for the twins. I don’t care about how many “likes” a photo gets - I care about how the person in the photo feels about it.  

​I have always been a storyteller and loved writing - and once I picked up a camera it was no different than how I felt with a pen in my hand. Only now, the stories aren't just mine that I'm telling. I'm sharing the stories of couples who trust me with capturing the chapter of their love story that ends with, "I do." With families who trust me to capture the love they feel for each other, even amongst the chaos of a photo session with kids.

My photos are bright, colorful, and joyful. I am not a dark and moody person (unless I haven’t had coffee) and I have a deep appreciation for colors and the way the world truly looks - not how it could look through a filter or desaturated. 

For ten years I've been immersed in wedding photography and my job still brings me so much joy.

My goal, always, is to capture the unique details of each wedding or session that sets it apart from anyone else's. 

I want to deliver photographs that help you share your story for generations - which is exactly why I have my own photos done and what I hope to accomplish every time the twins and I get in front of a camera.


I pride myself on going above and beyond for my couples. 


Need help with a timeline? I've got you. Need help fixing something that went wrong (everything from spilled beer on your dance floor to a dropped earring because your hands were shaking to needing a snack because you feel faint-y)

I've got it handled - and it isn't my first time.

Ready for Some "Vicki"-isms?

I get tagged in EVERY viral Queso meme/gif at least 100 times because that’s something most people associate with me. White queso. Yellow queso is gross.

Work With Me!

Wedding Photography, family sessions, and maternity sessions are my most requested services and I shoot an average of 25 weddings a year and never more than 30 so that I don’t overextend myself and so that I can be there for my couples, clients, and family at 100%.


I shoot family and maternity sessions throughout the year in between those and take those sessions just as seriously as I do weddings - at all times of the year. 


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