Hi there!

First, thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering me as your photographer. It's weird describing the "me behind the camera" but I'll start with the fact I'm the mother of two of the cutest identical twin girls you've ever seen (just look at those grins and blue eyes).


This business of mine allows me to spend most of my time with them and even some of my work time - and for that I am forever thankful. The girls are the inspiration behind some of the smaller details of my business (like the "Thank You" gifts my couples receive after booking) and my "why." 

I have always been a story teller - and once I picked up a camera it was no different than how I felt with a pen in my hand. Only now, the stories aren't just mine that I'm telling. I'm sharing the stories of couples who trust me with capturing the chapter of their love story that ends with, "I do." With families who trust me to capture the love they feel for each other, even amongst the chaos of a photo session with kids.


My photos are bright, colorful, and joyful. For ten years I've been immersed in wedding photography and my job still brings me so much joy.


My goal, always, is to capture the unique details of each wedding or session that sets it apart from anyone else's. I want to deliver photographs that help you share your story for generations. and I pride myself on going above and beyond for my couples. Need help with a timeline? I've got you. Need help fixing something that went wrong (everything from spilled beer on your dance floor to a dropped earring because your hands were shaking to needing a snack because you feel faint-y) I've got it handled - and it isn't my first time. 


I would love to chat with you about why I'm the right choice for you and how I can best help you share your love story over queso, coffee, or a phone call.


From coastal sessions to mountain elopements, there is something beautiful to be captured no matter where you are, where you're travelling, or what season of life you are in - and I can't wait to talk with you about it.