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Once your baby is here you can’t go back in time and take maternity photos.


Part of why I love maternity sessions so much is because it sort of forces women to slow down and focus on the beginning chapter of motherhood. It also lets me help them see how beautiful they are - even when they are swollen and miss seeing their toes.

Once your little one/ones are here let's get together and capture the magic (and the chaos) of each chapter; life with newborns, toddlers, kids, and teens either at home, at my studio, or at your favorite location.

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easy as 1, 2, 3...

Get in Touch

Fill out the contact form so we can start chatting about your session. Let’s get your maternity session on my calendar about a month and a half before the baby is due.  For family sessions reach out at least two months ahead of time for the most flexibility while booking, but I'm usually able to squeeze clients in last minute if they are flexible.

Let's Get Official

We will set a date and pick a place for your session before we pay the date retainer. Then it's time to pick out outfits and new picture frames!

Let's Plan

Send me pictures of outfits that you are debating on and we’ll talk through the ones I think you’ll love best so you feel your best.

What color should I wear to a maternity session?

I typically only recommend not wearing black because it can be so slimming depending on the outfit chosen - but some pregnant women LOVE black and rock it. Where whatever color makes you feel amazing.​

Do I have to wear a dress for maternity pictures?

Nope! Some of my favorite maternity sessions have on leggings and a flowy top or jeans and a flannel with a tight tank top under it.

Does my partner need to be there for maternity pictures?

I can absolutely do the images of JUST you and if your partner isn’t a fan of photos you can promise them that if they do ten minutes the rest can be of just you. I love pictures of all four hands on a belly - but the only person who needs to be there is mama!

Should we be matching perfectly for our family session?

I always tell my clients that complimenting each other while wearing outfits that show off each person's personality is my recommendation versus everyone wearing the same jeans and sweater (although honestly, there's a time and place for that too - says the twin mom). 


Ready to plan your session?

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