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A Beach Wedding

This weekend the twins, Nick, and I drove 7 hours from to capture the wedding of Avery & Jon. While Nick played with the twins on the beach I was able to be present for one of THE sweetest first looks (and hottest - bless his heart because if I was hot I KNOW he was) at Fort Macon. When she started walking toward him his face lit up and he said, "I can hear her dress!" I was tearing up before he even turned around.

PS - a giant wave hit me a LOT higher than what I expected and I had totally forgotten my phone was in my back pocket. Said phone travelled back home in a box of rice and is working just fine, but it would have been worth it either way. It did make figuring out how to get home with no GPS interesting for about an hour, though.

I stole this shell from their reception to use for their ring shots. A friend of their family dove for all of the shells used for center-pieces and I think that's the coolest thing in the world. I have ALWAYS wanted a conch shell - now I have four (thanks, Erin!)

Congrats, Avery & Jon! I hope you love these previews as much as I loved taking them.

[This shot of the two of them with his smile peeking out from under his hat is probably one of my favorites, ever]

Their ceremony was on the beach across the street and this Florida girl is a sucker for blue skies and pretty water. The drift wood that made up their arbor? She and her family gathered it from the beach that she grew up playing on so that a little piece (or not so little, actually) of her childhood was present during the ceremony.

The best part (for me anyway)? Avery said she'd get in the water. Now, we didn't want Jon in the water in his uniform, so we had to get creative.

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