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Lake Lure Maternity Session in Late Summer

Nikki & Blake are one of my favorite couples, ever - so when they reached out last summer about doing maternity pictures and asked if I had time I knew I either had time, or I would make time.

These two have a way of keeping each other, and anyone in their immediate vicinity, giggling. It's obvious in photos that the smiles are genuine - as is their love for each other. I could not wait to see them as parents and their little one is truly so lucky to grow up in a household full of love, laughter, and adventures (these two are always planning adventures together).

Did I make her move to another blooming tree so he could shake it for us? Yes. Yes I did.

I love the marina at Lake Lure.

See what I mean about the giggles?

PS: If there is wildlife trying to photobomb your session, I will be 50% anxious because most of the time wild animals make me nervous and 50% excited with zero chill about how cute said wildlife is in the background of your photos. You will also get pictures of them, because again... "cute."

The little feet underwater. So cute.

August in WNC is unpredictable, so I'm glad we opted for a morning session. When we arrived, it was nice and cool. By the time the session was ending it was nice to be able to stick our feet in the cool water at the beach on Rumbling Bald's property. Fun fact - he worked here as a lifeguard in his teen years.

Maybe I'm almost a year late sharing these on the blog - but better late than never, right? Especially for a maternity session this good. PS: something wild always happens when Nikki & I get together for a photo shoot. Either flash floods (remember this viral wedding video of the flooded reception and the bride I lied to about it?), altitude sickness for me (it was worth it for these pictures though), or a wild heat wave (truly one of the hottest bridal sessions ever between her and the weather - and I only survived it with sweet tea (you have to see how I multi-tasked in this video) from her dad).

This session? She spilled coffee on herself on the way to the lake. You can't tell, but we still had a great laugh about how we've never had a session go 100% smoothly even if they always turn out amazingly.

Nikki - I hope you and Blake are soaking up this first year as parents. & I can't wait to see your little man introduced to the lake this summer.

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