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Winnie The Pooh Birthday Mini

This sweet boy and his mama met me in my backyard bright and early (and before it was time to login to virtual school) for a birthday mini. COVID has ruined a lot of things - but it hasn't taken away this little one's super cute grin or jealousy inducing eye lashes.

& his first birthday may look different in 2020 than imagined in 2019 - but it's a day worth celebrating just the same.

Seriously. Women would pay good money for extensions that make their lashes look like his.

Fun fact; growing up I always wanted to have a classic Winnie The Pooh nursery one day for my future kids. If the twins had been boys that's the theme I would have gone with. Classic Pooh is my favorite Winnie The Pooh.

He made me work for smiles - but it was worth it.

"Birthdays are rather wonderful he thought, in the most thoughtful way he could think," - Pooh

Happy birthday (soon) to this sweet boy.

PS; I'm not really offering fall minis officially this year but people are welcome to touch base, see if we can coordinate, and come do them here in my backyard. It's gorgeous when the leaves change color.

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