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Wedding Day Mementos

A memento can be a powerful object, one imbued with love, here to signify and celebrate an occasion. For instance, you may find that celebrating a wedding with love is often best commemorated with a small gift for your spouse that can help you remember your day. For some, keeping the dress is the only memento necessary. Or wearing a signature scent that they'll only wear on big occasions after the wedding to keep it special. For others, nothing besides the wedding bands are needed.

Every couple is different.

Every wedding is different.

Yet, if you have it in your budget and feel like you want something extra, it can also be nice to splurge and/or get creative. You do not have to spend too much on your memento and you could always make an investment opportunity out of it (like a new home or rental property to turn into an AirBNB). What matters is the thought, and the relevance to your particular needs and situation. Almost no one could deny the fun of this (and sentimental value) provided you are happy with your decision, and wish to celebrate it for years to come.

So - where do you get started?

I have some suggestions (and the "usual" go-to mementos for my couples) to help you start brainstorming:

Precious Gems

Precious gems can serve as a memento, traditionally in the form of high quality loose diamonds. Why is this? Well, first they are a great investment. But they can also be used in a range of ways. From being implemented in a jewelry piece to serving as a decoration for something important to you - precious gems remain amazing investments and the authenticity of which can serve as a great symbol of your union with a partner.

Have you considered a custom engagement ring? Like this beauty from Fox & Beaux?

Or gifting your spouse with a pair of wedding day earrings or a necklace to wear but also to keep as a memento?

Those are just a few ideas.

A Fun Experience

Of course, perhaps the best investments we can ever make are that of experiences - because these can help us open our minds and explore our surroundings with a sense of passion, dedication and growing wisdom. Maybe you wish to schedule a prolonged post-honeymoon backpacking trip, or perhaps you wish to invest in a fun that will bring you to a huge family get together as time goes by - the possibilities are endless, but the investment can be more than worth it, time and time again. It could be worth planning that from the get-go.

Personally - this is my vote.

One day I plan to splurge more on a honeymoon than on wedding decorations.

I go back and forth between bringing the twins along, because it's hard to imagine an epic tropical vacation without the girls there for at least part of it.

A Life Utility

A life utility can be a great investment and may serve as a memento that truly helps you going forward. Perhaps a memento is simply a down payment on a house you plan to live in. Maybe it’s a car you’ll both share. Perhaps it’s the cosmetic dentistry you’ve both needed for some time (honesty, I've had several couples do dental work together before their wedding day so that neither are self conscious about their smiles in photos).

It can seem odd to frame a memento in this way, but ultimately, a life utility that improves your life for the better and gets you ahead is the most long-lasting and important investment you could ever make to begin with. Let’s not throw out that option when so many possibilities exist.

Pressed Wedding Bouquets

Now - this memento is another thing I fully intend to do (budget allowing) one day and wish more people knew was an option. I found Designs By Andrea on Instagram randomly - and was blown away by such a fun way to keep wedding flowers forever without having to skip having fresh flowers on your wedding day. How fun would it be to hang her art on your wall that contains the rest of your wedding photos? Some bouquets should be kept forever. Like these cotton candy florals by The Never Ending Flower Farm.


This one seems obvious (and self-serving) but part of why I became a photographer in the first place was because photos are the mementos I'm most likely to want and to keep myself. I have a shoe box full of pictures from my childhood and it's one of my favorite things to sort through when I'm in a weird mood for a pick me up. The mantle in my living room is full of my favorite photos of my family.

One day when I get married (if? ha) I'm going to want as many photos of that day as possible because, and anyone who is married can tell you this also, the day is a blur for most couples. An amazing, joyful, love-filled blur. Investing in a photographer who understands that the photos they are taking will be shown to your grandchildren one day is so important. Photographs are one of the easiest mementos to share with everyone in your family (since you can't exactly let them all try on your custom engagement ring or come with you to your favorite beach).

With this advice, I hope you can start deciding on the mementos to celebrate your wedding with love that best suit your wants, needs, and budget.

[Disclaimer - some content within this blog post was in part a collaboration with a blogging company who compensated me monetarily for including links and some content/ideas and some links included are for companies/clients they represent while others are local companies I felt were good examples of things the blog post content discussed.

All photographs provided are mine.]

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