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Additional Services Available During Social Distancing

Updated: May 22, 2020

First; I am offering cell phone photo editing services. I posted a quick blog post with a few tips in it that you can find here. The trick is to email them or send them via album sharing on an iPhone to my iPhone to send the highest resolution photos (sending via social media compresses the files). When emailing send them in batches of 3-4 images at a time. Some people have sent as many as 25 emails to get them all to me. I don't mind.

This is a good example. From left to right are the before, low resolution sent via text, and high resolution sent via album sharing. There's an obvious difference between each.

Here are a few more of my favorite before and afters. These are being done "for tips" and people have sent as few as three photos and as many as 90.

2. I am offering access (unlimited and without expiration) to my landscape galleries in exchange for donations. People have donated everything from $5 and $375 for access to them. More information as well as the links to that gallery can be found in this blog post.

Here are some of my favorite. I will continue adding to the gallery during all of this as I go through my hard drives - and most likely will add to it in the future as well, so save the links for sure.

Short on cash because you aren't working?

Donations can be sent in the form of online reviews as well.

3. Virtual Professional Head Shots.

There's no better time for updating websites than right now while we are all at home.

These Face Time sessions allow me to walk you through posing so that another person can take the photos for you with my direction (or you can set up a camera with a self timer). I will walk you through multiple poses, you can email me the files, and I will send a minimum of 7 head shots for $275 (or for "tips" if you're currently experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 but are in need) - normally a one hour session is $450. We will spend time planning the location in the days before and you are welcome to schedule a Face Time session to take me on a tour of the locations you are considering and so that I can help you adjust things (like de-cluttering a desk or moving a lamp you won't need).

The day of the head shots we will spend 45-60 minutes working together to get a variety of shots. Edited images will be returned within 72 hours and will be logo free. Resolution will be equal to the resolution of images sent. Use what you have - a cell phone or a camera you are familiar with.

4. From now until July 4th a full priced session may be purchased for $100 off if paid in full, so instead of paying $450 you only pay $350. Both #4 & #5 can be sent to you on the back of the following image as a tangible gift certificate if you wish to gift them to someone else. Payments can be made on the $350 deal as long as it is paid off by July 4th, 2020.

5. Local small businesses may coordinate and drop off products to be photographed - prices will vary based on quantity and product types - but will be heavily discounted.

Thank you for all you continue to do to keep this business growing and sustained during this pandemic. Truly.


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