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Vintage Bridals

Once upon a time I scheduled a bridal session with a beauty queen (literally). She set up hair and makeup, we coordinated with a venue, and then months later Nick's family planned their annual beach vacation for the same week as those bridals.

So I reached out and asked Shelby if we could possibly reschedule - because it was going to be the first one that the twins got to go to with them. She explained that she had taken off work, that the hair and MUA couldn't reschedule, and that she really needed to do them the day we planned. I told her not to worry - that I would drive back for her bridals from Myrtle beach, bet here on time, and then drive back to the beach. I knew Nick and his family would be fine with the twins for a day.

I don't bail on my clients.

When she asked if I was sure - I assured her that I was more than happy to do so. Because at the end of the day that's the best part of my job is that I CAN take vacation with family and plan around sessions, even if sometimes it takes a little more effort on my part (like driving from Myrtle Beach to Rutherfordton and back in one day). I told her it would be 1000% worth it - and when you look at the pictures I think you'll agree.

Easily one of my favorite things about New Beginnings Historic Farm is this "getting ready" suite for brides. I love the blue walls. They are my absolute favorite and they were perfect for this southern belle's bridal session.

Also - her shoes were like bedroom slippers but they were also so fun to do detail shots of.

The top of her dress.

Wedding dress goals, for sure, when it comes to details.

How cute is she?

She smiled so much talking about getting married. You can tell she loved being a bride - but she loved the thought of being his wife so much more.

Did I stand under this veil with her for these shots? Yes I did.

Did she have to try really hard not to laugh to get these shots? Yes.

Did she pull it off though? Obviously.

Sometimes an image just screams "make me black and white!" & I listen.

I will never get over this blue wall, no matter how many weddings or sessions I shoot here.

I really wish you could have heard the directions I was giving her. "Snuggle into the wall, Shelby, snuggle it so good," - (Shelby does this).

I have always thought that shot (above) of Shelby belonged on a magazine cover.

[This spot at NBHF is one of my favorites to do first looks and formals of the couple at in the spring time].

Shelby loves cats - and this sweet kitty cats loved her back. The venue owner kept apologizing for these fluffy photo bomber and Shelby assured her it was the best part of her bridal session, easily. I love when my brides are down for whatever is happening in real life versus only wanting the picture perfect things (not that there's anything wrong with perfect photos).

Her mom loved these photos, too. She told me about how Shelby has been a cat lover since she was little and this was sort of perfect that cats kept coming into her photos.

Most of you know that I'm a color lover - and one of the things I love about NBHF is that it allows me to hit almost every color in one session. From bright and colorful to muted and traditional - all within a few feet.

This room is the other half of the bridal suite, and it is just as pretty. The vintage couch is one of my favorite places for bridal shots or intimate moments with couples at this venue while they take a break between the ceremony and the reception. Sitting down photos aren't always my favorite of brides because not every dress is flattering while sitting, but fluffy ones like this - they are for sure.

A few rooms over? The prettiest room filled with glowing natural light, more blue walls (a softer shade of blue) and the most fun vintage china in the cabinets by the fireplace.

Twirling under vintage chandeliers? Yes please.

Those comfy, comfy shoes.

Now - as much as the blue room fits my aesthetic and my brand, their coral room always takes my breath away and is really fun to shoot portraits in.

Seriously. How amazing is this room? The venue owners have taken great care to redo their home with the original colors for the time period it was built and this coral shade is true to the homes original color pallet.

PS - if I could steal that typewriter I would. Or the couch. Or both. I feel like they would notice though.

After this I headed back to the beach, crawled into bed, and we had fun doing photos of Nick's family the next day, which I would share but one of Nick's siblings likes to keep their kiddos off the internet so I'll just share my favorite of the four of us. You'd be surprised how many clients (and relatives and friends) don't like photos published online - and I always respect that, even if I REALLY want to share them. PS; I photoshopped the people out of everyone else's photos but was too lazy to do it to our own. Naturally.

I was exhausted by the time I got back to the coast after this session but I couldn't wait to show the photos to Nick's family since I wasn't allowed to share them with anyone else until Shelby became a Mrs.

The women in the family were MUCH more interested than Nick was, shocker, ha!


Shoes: Bridal Cottage Legacy (Etsy)

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