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Sweet Spring Backyard Barn Wedding

I almost never arrive at weddings before noon and hardly ever leave before dark, so it was a nice change of pace to get there around 10am and head out before 4 even though I was there "just as long" as another wedding.

These two are some of my favorite people. I love that they farm together on his family's land, that while she was getting ready he was taking care of the sheep, and that she was fine to walk around in the fields with the goats and the sheep for photos. Did I have zero chill when they told me a sheep would let me pet it? Did I talk to the baby sheep in an annoying voice and narrate for them? Did I get so sun-burnt that currently I smell like aloe vera ? Yes, absolutely, and you betcha.

Worth it, though.

Tomorrow is Easter so I thought it was fitting to have all of these photos with lambs while we are all preparing to celebrate The Lamb of God - and rejoice in the fact that He rose. I hope everyone reading this who celebrates Easter has a blessed one, and I hope that these two enjoy their first one as a married couple (and I hope you all enjoy these previews, too).

I love their wedding rings - I really don't think you can beat a solid gold band. It's timeless and perfect.

We did their first look at the entrance to their driveway (where we did a lot of their engagement photographs). I love that this is where they are building a life together.

This goat's face is how I felt on the inside all day watching these two and their family and friends all love on each other.


Not to toot my own horn but the timing on this shot was pretty perfect. & it's harder to get the sheep between the three of us than you'd think since they basically tried to avoid me I had to go reallllllly far around and then cut back up quickly.

Back to the gate because I love it.

"Hey. Whatcha doin' hoomans?"

I left this wedding thinking, "I need to buy a big piece of land so that one day the girls can build a house on it and stay near me and we can be like their family."

Happy wedding day, you two. It was truly the most perfect day. I'm so thankful it didn't rain on ya. Selfishly because then I wouldn't have gotten to see the baby lambs. Wiiink.

Vendor List Coming Soon

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