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Hidden Hill Venue Wedding Previews

Kara and Adam had the most perfect weather so far in 2020 for their wedding, easily (fingers crossed the final 10 weddings I have left for 2020 have their kind of forecast, also). I feel like it has rained on me more at weddings in 2020 than any other year. So when I pulled up and it was a tiny bit overcast at Hidden Hill Venue (a venue that can be tough to shoot at when the sun is blazing) and it was chilly enough to wear a cardigan outside - I knew it was going to be an amazing night.

Kara & Adam have been through it (as have all couples planning 2020 weddings) so it was so nice to walk in and see how perfectly everything finally came together for them.

They deserved a perfect evening - just like they truly deserve each other. When Adam teared up as Kara walked down the aisle I kept it together - but when Kara started crying during their vows my eyes watered so bad I couldn't see for a minute. The whole wedding day was just so full of love for these two and between these two. When bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and guests all take turns crying during various parts of the wedding you know a couple has left an impact on those around them.

Kara & Adam have left an impact on me, too.

I hope you enjoy these previews of their wedding day last night as much as I enjoyed being there.

Vendor List:

Caterer // Myra's

Hair // Cindy Davis

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