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Shelby's Winter Maternity Session

Shelby was a bridesmaid at a wedding I booked last minute (in wedding world) at the end of October (that ended up being one of my absolute favorite weddings of the year). So when she reached out about maternity pictures I was so excited because I already loved her - she was insanely helpful at her friend's wedding (this wedding, if you want to see).

When we were chatting about the "where" for this session she originally wanted somewhere on the parkway - but the un-fun reality of winter in the mountains is the parkway closes and can be frigidly cold even if it is open. Luckily, we were able to go to an overlook right by the closed parkway gates for a few shots, and if I hadn't told you I don't think you'd have noticed we weren't REALLY on the parkway.

Our other location plan ended up being changed because of several factors (including the cold winds) but we were all much happier with our Plan B anyhow. If 2020 taught me anything it was to really embrace back up plans - because often times they work out better anyhow.

This was my first session of 2021 - and man, they set the bar high. Even if it was so cold we kept having to laugh about it just to tough it out.

Her sash and her boots were supposed to be worn during their 2020 wedding but because of Covid they ended up eloping - and I love they tied those things into their maternity photos. I am also slightly in love with her dress and wish I had an excuse to buy one for myself. The blue color is amazing and I hope velvet dresses are a trend that sticks around for the next few years (you can find it here, PS).

PS - it was so cold we didn't keep the kids outside more than two minutes total, but they were champs and we did finally get smiles once we let little man throw a rock or five or ten into the water.

Shelby, thank you for trusting me with these. I hope every session this year is THIS much fun and turns out this well.

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