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Splendor Valley Wedding

Her. Eyelashes.

Her bouquet is one of my favorite, ever. The colors were amazing and the textures were really fun to play with in photos.

These two were so easy going and relaxed the whole day - and incredibly easy to snap photos of. It barely felt like work.

The venue, formerly known as 4M Acres - is one of my favorite to shoot at. The views from just a few feet away from their ceremony / reception area are phenomenal and give some of the most popular parkway overlooks a run for their money.

Did I mention the groom has the coolest VW van? & that I essentially asked him to drive it "into" the venue just to get mountains behind it instead of other cars? Because I did.

& he did.

& it was exactly what I was hoping for.

Before their ceremony these two sat down and shared a drink. I told them to ignore me and just enjoy a few minutes together - these smiles are 100% because they enjoy each other's company and not because I cracked a mom joke (which I did several times that year). I let them (ha, "let") go get dinner and then we waited for the sun to go behind the mountains for a few more photos.

I absolutely could have shot by this VW van all day - so we snapped a few more here before heading to the fields again.

I want to do Christmas minis with this van one day - how cute would it be with a Christmas tree next to it?! I digress, though.

Her dress was stunning and absolutely asked to be twirled in like a princess - so we did while we waited for sunset.

Peep that garter - I will never get another twirl shot this well timed with just the right amount of leg showing again ever in my life. It was a one in a million shot, for sure.

I hope you enjoyed their previews as much as I enjoyed being there - it was the most perfect ending to my October craziness. It's always nice to end a month on a high note.

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