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Oh The Places You Will Go, Koah

This little chunk showed up at my house a little unsure about coming inside.

He wasn't exactly thrilled with his mama or myself until he found the refrigerator magnets - which was fine with me because his serious face shows off those cheeks.

Once we whipped the confetti out though he finally started cracking grins.

I feel you Koah, the confetti is the best part.

Boy shoes are so much cuter than girls shoes sometimes.

His mama, Lauren, is the owner of Mountain Soul Boutique and one of my favorite things about her is that she is constantly spending her time rooting for other #BossBabes and supporting other #MomBosses (like me). Her posts are always happy and uplifting and I don't know that I've ever seen her complain about anything except sleep deprivation because well... mom life.

Um - pause to appreciate his eyelashes (which he totally got from his mama).

Okay - back to bragging on Lauren's boutique.

I own a tie-dye tank top that I snatched up from her shop while it was on wait list (if it isn't sold out you should go grab it here) and already started buying winter clothes from her because she has fun/colorful taste and you guys know I am all about that.

Lauren, I can't wait to see where the year takes you after chatting today. Sending all of the prayers and good vibes your way and can't wait to see the places you and your little family will go.

PS: Koah is an entire dieting "mood." He is 100% an accurate description of me checking out my summer bod and then eating snacks, ha!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see more of these mini sessions soon and follow Lauren so you can see where I spend some of my money every time she posts a cute colorful item.

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