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Lifestyle Newborn Session; An Answered Prayer

Because Savannah's caption for these photos was more moving than anything I could hope to write about her family I'm going to do something different and make her words the blog post. This little family will forever have a place in my heart.

"Looking at these pictures all I can do is think back. Think back to the moment when trying to conceive our first child being told having children may not be possible for us. To the moments of multiple doctors appointments every week for our sons health for the first year of his life. To the moment of being told we lost our precious 3rd baby and waiting what felt like a lifetime of a week to go back into that doctors office to confirm. BUT GOD...

These pictures also show me the moment of finding Christ and becoming a true follower of Jesus after having my first born. Who truly showed me a small glimps of how much Jesus loves me by how much I love her! The moments of learning true grace, mercy, and thankfulness after walking though doctors appointments after doctors appointments and watching how strong my little boy can be and every single milestone hit was a blessing from God! The moment after waiting that gut wrenching week and diving deeper than I ever have before into Gods word and learning the true meaning of giving it ALL to God. To the doctors true shock and ours too that there was a tiny baby in my belly when the week before there was nothing- to now holding that precious girl in our arms and seeing our family together and complete!

All I know is my God is so good and is so much bigger than any plan I had or have for myself. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life serving him with my best friend and husband, watching our babies grow and learn and see the people God has planned for them to be!"

- Savannah

[I hope you enjoyed a few of her previews - and I hope her words moved you the way they moved me] - Victoria

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