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Lake Junaluska Proposal & Family Photos

Brad reached out about proposing to Abby several weeks before a trip to North Carolina from Florida. He told me that it was really important to her to have their families be involved, but he also wanted to surprise her. So an upcoming family vacation was the perfect chance to make that happen.

Several phone calls, video directions, and sneaky text messages later I was waiting by the cross at Lake Junaluska and had solicited the help of a family that was hanging out up there to make sure they 1. had a pretty view without other people and 2. that she didn't suspect anything while I was standing there with my camera. They got there and the sweet family was like, "Hey Vicki, should we take pictures over here by this pretty bush?" (which was away from the view) and I was like, "Yes, yes that would be great!"

Abby kept taking pictures of the mountains and I could tell Brad was not sure how he'd nonchalantly get the camera away from her so I was like, "Hey! Do you want me to snap one of both of you?" As she was handing me her camera he dropped down and grabbed the ring out of his boot. She turned around, saw him, turned around and looked at me like, "What... what is happening?!" and then spun back around to say, "YES!" That sweet family cheering the whole time.

Her face hahaha I busted out laughing.

How fun were this helpers?!

Then the next surprise happened and both of their families showed up to love on them and celebrate with them.