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Lake Junaluska Proposal & Family Photos

Brad reached out about proposing to Abby several weeks before a trip to North Carolina from Florida. He told me that it was really important to her to have their families be involved, but he also wanted to surprise her. So an upcoming family vacation was the perfect chance to make that happen.

Several phone calls, video directions, and sneaky text messages later I was waiting by the cross at Lake Junaluska and had solicited the help of a family that was hanging out up there to make sure they 1. had a pretty view without other people and 2. that she didn't suspect anything while I was standing there with my camera. They got there and the sweet family was like, "Hey Vicki, should we take pictures over here by this pretty bush?" (which was away from the view) and I was like, "Yes, yes that would be great!"

Abby kept taking pictures of the mountains and I could tell Brad was not sure how he'd nonchalantly get the camera away from her so I was like, "Hey! Do you want me to snap one of both of you?" As she was handing me her camera he dropped down and grabbed the ring out of his boot. She turned around, saw him, turned around and looked at me like, "What... what is happening?!" and then spun back around to say, "YES!" That sweet family cheering the whole time.

Her face hahaha I busted out laughing.

How fun were this helpers?!

Then the next surprise happened and both of their families showed up to love on them and celebrate with them.

Over the summer, Brad's dad passed away. & watching him, Abby, and his siblings comfort his mama was heartbreaking. She is so happy for the two of them. & I just wanted to hug her, because I know she watched her son ask the love of his life to marry him and was thinking about the love of her life. I watched her pull it together over and over and over to take pictures with them and cheer them on - and she reminded me how strong Mothers are; forever putting on brave faces and smiles for their kids. <3

This really was the most fun group of people.

Then his mama brought out sparklers that were the most intense flame-thrower-type sparklers I have ever encountered and hilarity (and smoke) ensued.

After the family pictures I stole these two newly engaged cuties away for some photos of just the two of them. & honestly - they really do look like they belong in some kind of magazine ad for "True Love" together.

I was pretty excited that these flowers were blooming. I didn't really notice that the had an ombre center until I was editing them.

Truly. They were so cute.

We headed back up to the cross just in time for a little bit of gold light, a good chat with everyone, and a gorgeous sunset before they all headed off to get dinner. I left that proposal in such a good mood because the whole lot of them were so incredibly nice.

In about ten minutes the sky went from the picture above to the following - it was wild. That was the week we were having all of the haze from the fires and it made for some really intense color.

I hope you loved reliving this proposal with me.

Be sure to check out the funniest coincidence that happened when he was booking me by watching this little reel. It was seriously just so funny.

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