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KC & Tyler's Honeysuckle Hill Wedding

When Kayce reached out about her wedding I was so thrilled. Especially when she mentioned the venue they picked was The Barn at Honeysuckle Hill. I've shot there several times, and in every kind of weather it is beautiful. Throw in a gown from my favorite bridal boutique, the fact that I knew most of her bridesmaids from High School, and I was already excited about sending her the photos almost a half a year before it was even wedding time.

Last week it was still very much summer in North Carolina (honestly, it may be Fall today but we may get another round of summer soon who knows that's just how the weather works here). Originally the forecast called for thunderstorms on their day all week and I was a little nervous. The day of though? Not a drop of rain.

The only thing falling were tears. During the first look with her dad. When her bridesmaids saw her all fancied up. During the ceremony when her brother walked her down the aisle and gave her to their dad so they could give her away. During the first dance with her dad. During the speeches - all of which talked about her late mother and how amazing of a woman she was, how strong-willed Kayce is, how in love everyone can see they are, and what an amazing friend and sister she is. I hope the people at my wedding one day are as supportive and happy for me as they were for her.

So many tears.

Not a single drop of rain, though.

Her shoes. So sparkly. So pretty. So added to my secret "one day" Pinterest Board where I stash all of my favorite details I plan to steal from my brides one day when I get married.

This tie was so sweet and thoughtful of her.

The getting ready suite at Honeysuckle is super cute but for large bridal parties it isn't ideal - luckily for couples there the owner of the venue also owns Engaged Asheville (where all of her detail shots were taken) and it's got enough space for fifty girls to get ready if needed.

I love their slippers have their names on them and those pajamas were so cozy looking. I 1000% vote for pajamas if you (future bride) are thinking of a gift your girls will use again. The robes are very sweet but I don't think most people wear them as much after the wedding day as they would cozy jammies and slippers.

It was super cute to see Kayce doing some final touches on makeup and her flower girl join her once we got to the venue.

Before the ceremony she wanted to do a first look with her dad and brother and it was truly so sweet when they turned around, her dad's eyes watered up, and her brother's jaw dropped.

My eyes got watery watching. Then she handed him his surprise tie and he tried to put it on without looking at it, which was super funny. When her and her brother finally got I'm to look he immediately throws his arms out to hug her and started tearing up again. Which got me tearing up again.

I also liked that she had this little nod to her mother to walk her down the aisle with.

It's the spilling beers for me.

These little girls were so cute. & I love that she had all of her girls in different shades of blue.

A few minutes before the ceremony they wanted to set all of their boots out and snap a photo in front of Jack's Dodge before people started gathering and I love how every pair matches the girl's personality.

The pond is one of my favorite places for couple's portraits especially when the lily pads move and leave a nice opening for reflection photos.

The car was rented from the venue owners and it was a truly great talking piece and hang out spot for the guests all night.

Springvine did such an amazing job with the florals. The space looked so romantic and whimsical.

I mean really.

The speeches were so emotional.

& the party?


It really was such a fun wedding. As fun as it was hot (thanks, North Carolina summer heat wave) but the heat didn't stop the party and it didn't stop these two from celebrating their wedding!

Congrats again, you two! Can't wait to see you both again at Jessica's wedding.

Full Vendor List Coming Soon

Dress II Meadowbrooke Bridal

Makeup II Pop Of Color Asheville

Venue II The Barn at Honeysuckle Hill

Getting Ready Venue II Engaged Asheville

Planner & Coordinator II Mingle Events

Bar II Jack's Dodge

Floral II Springvine

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