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Grove Park Inn Bridals

When Meg walks into a room, especially a room at a place as sophisticated as The Grove Park Inn, it's easy to assume she's a small European country's heiress and that you should move out of her way. She looks like she strolled out of a Grace Kelly movie. Then she starts talking with you and laughing and you realize this girl could have been the girl next door your entire life and your favorite person to slumber party with.

The thing I love about Meg is that in one breath she'll talk about the perfect proposal at The Grove Park Inn, show you her gorgeous diamond ring, and then tell you about the hiking adventure she had most recently. She's one of the most well-rounded and balanced people I've ever met.

So it's no wonder that Michael chose her to be "the one." As I type this I'm getting ready to head to their wedding (and saving this as a draft so she doesn't kill me for showing off this dress a few hours early) and I am looking through these pictures in awe of how lovely she looks and looking forward to today because Meg NEVER smiles as big as she does when Michael is next to her.

It was so fun to do her bridals at the place he proposed to her (Thank you, Grove Park, for letting us traipse about). Our original plan was actually somewhere different because we didn't expect a "yes" when she inquired about doing them there - so last minute we switched gears because this place holds all sorts of sentimental value for the couple and because it is an iconic Asheville venue.

We headed down to the spa where the proposal actually happened and the staff was so accommodating.

The wind that day was cooperative, like it knew we wanted to catch a few epic veil shots. & I can't stress enough how helpful it is to have a friend come to your bridals to help fluff your dress, carry your shoes, and toss your veil "extra" high. Plus, these two had a blast spending the day together.

"Alright Meg, serious face... ready?!" - me. "Um..." - her.

I mean honestly - how amazing is The Grove Park as a backdrop? Stay tuned for her wedding previews to hit Facebook and Instagram soon.

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