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Downtown Asheville Maternity Shoot

I'm starting to lose count of how many times Brooke and Luke have been in front of my camera. Two engagement shoots. Their wedding. & now their maternity session. Okay. So four times, but still. It's been really exciting to be by their side from "engaged" to "expecting" and I can't wait to see them again as parents. Brooke never, ever fails to "wow" me with her attire and Luke is always down for whatever Brooke thinks is best when it comes to photos. She decided to opt for another downtown shoot instead of a more typical maternity location (like a pretty field).

I am so glad we did, because this dress downtown was absolutely stunning.

Not to mention Luke's tie was pretty dashing. Thankfully I brought Nick along - because of the four of us he was the only one who could tie it. [The dress and tie both came from Amazon, btw].

I wanted this shoot to have a few locations similar to their first engagement session, but I didn't want it to be an exact replica. One of my favorite spots from their first shoot was on this street, so I knew we had to grab a few here. Shooting here is always easier said than done when it comes to Asheville traffic, but even pregnant - Brooke is quick.

Look how far these two have come. All. The. Feels.

"Stand and face the wall," - me directing another one of my "just trust me" moments.

Can we talk about his name for a moment? She chose "Cohen" because she was a fan of the show "The O.C" growing up (weren't we all?) and Steele because Luke is a die-hard Steeler's fan. That sign? One of my friends made that for her. You should check her work out and follow her on Instagram at Monrose Handmade.

How about another throwback comparison to the engagement shoot?

My all time favorite shot of theirs is this ring shot with the back of Brooke's black lace dress, so you know I had to do a maternity version of it.

"His is the hand she wants to hold, always, no matter where they are going or what adventures they are having," - Elizabeth Lee

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from their maternity shoot.

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