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At Home Birthday and Backyard Maternity

When Chelsea first reached out in early 2020 she wanted to do a cake smash with her little boy. I ordered a cute blue backdrop and floor and we made a plan.

The week of their scheduled shoot we all (her husband, myself, and Chelsea) worried about having her out and about pregnant so we decided to try a virtual cake smash. At some point I wouldn't have been allowed to let her in my house for the cake smash even if we had wanted to - so she took me on a video tour of her house and we made a plan. Then she made a cake.

Honestly - it turned out so well we decided to turn their "make up" shoot into a family/maternity session with her boys.

& then a couple of weeks before his session COVID-19 came to the US and we started paying attention.

& then the 8pm curfew for Asheville went into effect and we had to come up with another plan "B." Which ended up being my backyard early in the morning. Honestly? I loved how these turned out also. Pretty sure because she's a Boy mom God kept making us do need a Plan "B" because you know... B is for Boy!

Boys will be boys, you know?

How cute are all of her little men?? I can't wait to see the littlest addition. I'll be shocked if he isn't a blonde.

His Cake Smash Outfit: DimeaDaisyByJami

Their outfits for maternity session: Zara

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