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A Pup-filled Engagement Shoot

When Meg told me that their dog was going to be their flower girl I literally "eeped" out loud. So when we were planning engagement pictures I told her bring the doggy - and I am so so glad she did. Today was much hotter than anticipated and we had to change locations because of Parkway closures, but the Arboretum is always a solid choice (and never looks like a "Plan B"). Enjoy a few previews for now, I'll have their full blog post ready in a week or so!

[Y'all should have seen me trying to get down on the ground for this shot with a sprained knee while they stood over me and made shade]

"Kiss her," - me

"Okey dokey," - doggy

Action shots are the best. Don't you agree?

I can not wait for their wedding.

Or to try balancing THREE rings on that sweet nose next time.

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