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A Spring Bridal Shoot in Asheville

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Morgan and I had to think quickly on our feet when a few days of thunderstorms forced us to change plans for her bridal shoot location. Originally, we wanted to do them at Claxton Farms where she would be having her wedding a month later. Mud + wedding dresses = a disaster. So we thought long and hard about somewhere that would be natural and beautiful but would also have sidewalks and gravel or concrete areas where we could avoid mud and keep her dress clean.

The North Carolina Arboretum was the obvious choice.

Morgan's bridals are also featured on Bustl'd's website - so be sure to click the icon below to see more of her pretty face and those pretty flowers from early spring.


Florist: Gudger's Flowers

Venue: The North Carolina Arboretum

Hair: Hair By Tasja Simpson

Makeup: Jessica Jones

Brides Dress & Veil: Poffie Girls

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