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The Waynesville Wedding Guide 
Vendor Application
Thank you for taking the time to fill the following application out - the goal for The Waynesville Wedding Guide is to focus on wedding related vendors within Haywood County Borders, so in reality it is A Haywood County Wedding Guide. 
Before filling out the application I want to share some of our main requirements.
Please keep them in mind if you don't meet them "just yet" and come back when you do so that we can learn more about your business/services! These aren't the only deciding factors, but are the most important!
1. Businesses must be located/based in Haywood County and advertise themselves as such. If your home is located in Haywood County but your social media and website identifies you as an Asheville vendor we won't be able to feature you just yet as we really want to focus on the vendors who are proud to claim the county as "theirs."
2. Business must have been open and operating for 18 months.
3. Vendors must have a working website to be featured.
4. We would love to have referrals from at least one vendor within your specialty and at least one from outside of it so that we can be sure we are featuring people with great reputations throughout the wedding industry community here in Haywood County. Community over competition is so important and a crucial component of this guide. For instance, if you bake cakes you’d want another baker to write you a referral and another vendor like a florist or photographer.
You may submit your application without including them and we will hold it until the referrals come in. Please have them email their referrals to
If you can check all three of those things off of your list please fill this out and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. In the near future once we have several vendors on board we will start the official website (not attached to this one), but for now be sure you're following along on Instagram!
Application for TWWG

Thanks for submitting!

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