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Willow House & Social Barn Wedding

This venue is only 20 minutes from my house - and I had no idea. It was a super cute barn venue with a house a few yards away for the wedding party to get ready in (a huge, very photogenic house). As far as venues go it's one I would consider for myself. Especially since even though it was hot outside the inside of the barn was still cool. I actually thought they might have AC, nope - just super insulated.

The prettiest mountain views are just behind it (and behind the ceremony spot).

See. Look how pretty.

Georgi picked a color palette that I absolutely adore. I'm all for fall colors - but I do truly love bright shades of pink all year. Her florist did an amazing job.

Her lace dress was stunning. & the trees were starting to change color (the day before I had noticed things weren't quite as green and it's like as soon as October rolled around the trees decided it was time for fall).

Just look how pretty the details are.

& how pretty she is.

Georgi could be a model, truly. & she's even sweeter than she is gorgeous if you can imagine that.

One of my favorite parts of the venue is this little courtyard behind the house. It was private, perfectly landscaped, and a great place to snap a few bridal portraits out of view from guests.

Seriously. How cute is she?! I don't think I've ever seen her NOT smiling.

This photo of her florals is one of my favorite "flower" pictures ever. I love the texture, the colors, the bridesmaids dresses... everything.

Georgi had a first look with both sets of her parents and they were all so sweet. Even when couples don't want to see each other beforehand there's always the option of first looks with parents and with wedding party members. Personally, I'm always a fan of parent-first looks and would absolutely have one with my dad and it was so cute seeing her dad's reaction (and everyone else's, too).

Their faces. So cute.

& then these two almost made me cry.

So. Georgi told him she wanted a first look. & had his DAD dress up in a wedding dress. Hilarity ensued. He was so nervous he was tearing up thinking about seeing her the first time, turns around, and all he sees is chest hair (Georgi is teensy so he was looking down where her face would be and instead... man chest).

I don't "reel" often - but the music on this one was perfect for the moment. Seriously. click that link.

His dad was such a good sport. Just look at that smile. Meanwhile, Robert is slowly getting more nervous.

& his dad is getting more and more amused with himself.