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Wedding Invitations Cheap & Easy

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

If you're like me and on a budget thanks to The Corona Virus but you have the extra stress of planning a wedding or a birthday party during all of this - this blog post is for you. I'll start by saying that Basic Invite did reach out and ask me to write this for them and that this is a sponsored post - but I only agreed because I actually 1. like the company, 2. use them for my holiday cards and thank you cards, and 3. refer my clients to them already.

Also, the images in the blog post are a mix of mine and of their images. They offered to send me products to style myself (you know I love shooting details) but with all of the Corona Virus stuff going on I felt more comfortable using their images so I just picked and chose the ones that caught my eye (hello, color). I will update this post later with my own styled images of their invitations and place cards - but for now this keeps me from making a trip to the post office and wondering where to find pretty flowers during lock down to do them justice.

Back to the blog post though;

Basic Invite & I started working together almost three years ago. They had reached out and asked if I would want to write a blog post for them and be featured on their site in exchange for a discount for my friends, family, and clients of their products. I mean - 30% off of anything is a good deal - so after they sent me sample products and I saw how easy they were to customize and got to actually touch them and see that the quality was amazing and that their prices were practically a steal... I was in. Wedding invitations cheap, pretty, and easy to customize order? Yes ma'am, I'm in.

If you follow me you know I love colors. Which is why I order my Christmas cards from them. Well, the colors and the fact that I hate spending money on things but they are so cheap that it's easy to justify. I was able to change each letter in the word "Merry" to match their photos and adjusted colors for every other element easily. Plus, they had the option for pink envelopes. SOLD. Their 180+ colors were the main reason I chose them. Other reasons include the fact that they give you the option to use their address service and print the addresses on your envelopes for free. Plus, they are peel and seal, so no licking (those of your ordering right now during this pandemic - the lack of germs required to mail these is seriously so nice). You just put your cards/invitations in the pre-addressed envelopes and add a stamp. When I get married one day? I'll be super excited to use them.

For me, a wedding photographer, there are few things as fun as styling an entire invitation suite and the nice thing about Basic Invite is that all of their invitations are part of a "set." So you can get save the dates, wedding invitations, enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs, and even matching thank you cards - and for much cheaper than a lot of other big websites! & when you order them be sure to get an extra set for me (or for your photographer) so you can get photos like these. It won't cost much and will be worth it to have that extra set for photographs. Place cards to help make your tables tie in to your stationary so all of your detail shots tie in effortlessly? Add those to your list also.

Did I mention the tear off RSVP cards? Because I love those, too. They are their newest design but are already available in 30 different options.

While there are many, many gorgeous (and cheap) invitation suites like these;

They also have the most adorable birthday invitations/party invitations. While normally I'm a big "tangible products" kind of person I realize that this pandemic makes plans / parties have to be a little more flexible and there are a lot of moving parts. Thankfully, Basic Invite offers free websites for holiday parties, birthday parties, and weddings. So you can keep your guests up to date on every little change (pandemic or not). If the date needs to be rescheduled ? Just update your site. If the venue changes? Update your site. Without having to call everyone you sent an invitation to or printing new ones to resend. Cheap is awesome (which everything on their site is) but FREE is even better - so I love that they do things like free address printing on envelopes and free websites. So many couples are having to reschedule right now - and these websites make that less stressful and are also easy to customize so they'll match your real life invites.

Don't believe me that they have wedding invitations that are cheap AND of great quality? You don't have to take my word for it. They offer free samples so you can see your invitations and feel them before you commit to them. Stuck at home right now? Order a free sample and see what you think!

Be sure to check them out at and to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you're on Twitter, they can be found there, also!

& Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest, too.

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