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Waterrock Knob Maternity

When Amanda sent her initial email it was the sweetest inquiry full of lots of kind words.

She was willing to drive out here and make a weekend of it and we landed on Waterrock Knob because for maternity sessions the views can't be beat with minimal hiking (as in NO hiking needed, woot) - and I couldn't wait to meet her.

So we set a date early in her pregnancy for May (I think).

Which ended up being postponed because of the pandemic.

Originally we weren't even sure she'd be able to leave the base she lives on.

Then the parkway closed.

Then she had a hard time getting her dress to come in (she got it from Lulu's and it was perfect) and her hair done (y'all - that's been the biggest struggle with clients right now as far as rescheduling now that my job is legal and things are open. Let's be real, most of us want a fresh hair cut and color before photos).

Long story short - postponing ended up being a blessing in disguise. Because as horrible as the weather has been lately we ended up with a perfect evening.

It wasn't too hot.

It wasn't TOO chilly.

The sunset was my fav (cotton candy skies and pink for the win).

& there were rhododendrons, blackberries, and azaleas blooming which made my heart SO happy because I 100% missed spring while everything was shut down and it's the time of year I love most.

Also, her husband is hilarious and I think he and Nick would have been instant friends. Why? Because the dad jokes were STRONG with him (and they are super strong with Nick, too).

Instagram husbands take note - this is how it's done.

Pretty sure he's the stuff of blogger/brand rep girl dreams.

Just look how happy he was being a light blocker for his pretty wifey.

She's smiling so big in these because he was SO happy to be doing this.

This couple, by the way, are one of the couples who when I had my "OH MY GOSH HOW WILL I DO THIS?!" freak out when the pandemic first started and weddings started postponing and cancelling sent me a sweet email encouraging me and assuring me they weren't cancelling.

Clients like them are the reason I didn't go into a tailspin.

& people like them are the reason I didn't drown when everything was horrible.

Their kid is lucky to have them.

They are funny, patient, and so nice.

& I am so thankful that our paths crossed.

I hope 2020 and the following years are full of lots of shoots with as much laughter as this one contained for me.

& pink sunsets.

I hope you enjoy these previews from their session this evening.

Should I start blogging session previews instead of just posting them on FB?



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PS; I have the world's best kids. Who patiently hung out in the car near us and played together while we shot this session.

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