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The Barn at Young Harris II Seth & Emily

Seth & Emily have one of the sweetest love stories around, and listening to them tell it surrounded by their loved ones will make you cry if you're even a tiny bit of a sap (like I am). Emily was glowing and one of the calmest brides I've ever seen. Even when she was making everyone else around her cry every time they saw her for the first time in her dress.

Her mom.

Her dad.

Her grandparents. (PS - grandparent first looks are my new favorite thing).

Her bridesmaids.

Her groom.

So many happy tears were shed during this wedding (I cried no less than three times with them). The wedding was full of so many personal touches - from handwritten vows to Duke garters just for him that had their names on them - Emily made sure their day was their day and not just her day.

Plus, my best friend from college was one of the bridesmaids and we haven't seen each other in years - so it was a fun day for me all around. She's how I even know Emily - and it's always nice to recognize and reflect serendipitous moments and connections. Emily & Seth shared several of their moments/connections like that - and it really makes you aware of how one person can change the trajectory of your life even if you don't realize it on day one.

Emily & Seth knew, day one.

I hope you enjoy these previews as much as I enjoyed playing a small role on their big day.

[Dad seeing her for the first time]

[Right around the time I cried for the first time that day with her family]

Everyone needs friends this supportive and this happy for you.

Okay - y'all prepare yourselves, because her grandparents during her first look made me cry. Two of her grandparents unexpectedly couldn't make it to the wedding because of an illness, so her time with the two who could come was extra special... and then her grandpa made us all cry when he saw her.

I am honest to goodness getting teared up again looking at their sweet faces watching their grand daughter. All I could think about is how my grandparents would react to the twins getting married - and then my sappy mama heart made my eyes leak.

Got myself under control - and then I saw Seth at the end of the aisle seeing Emily... and I was tearing up again.

I wish I could say it was the last time I got choked up during their wedding, but it happened over and over again because everyone had the nicest things to say about these two and their whole day was so joyful and sweet, truly. We did do things besides cry though, I PROMISE! *See the following non-tearful photos*

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