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Starting Over

2017 was very much a year of successfully tying up lose ends for me. 2018 is my year for tangible, not just metaphorical, fresh starts and new chapters.

I'm very much looking forward to wrapping up my 20s next month and embarking on whatever adventures my 30s bring. I took a moment today to really think about some of the things I accomplished in the last decade and part of me is really struggling to accept that so many things could have happened in ten years.

Some of those things I planned on my whole life (like graduating from a university).

Some things happened I never thought I would do (like jumping out of an airplane).

There were multiple surgeries, more moves and hair color changes than I can count, struggles and accomplishments. My 20s were when my mom beat cancer twice and my dad survived a stroke. They are when I learned it IS absolutely possible to sink a pontoon boat (sorry, Dad). This business was started and grew to so much more than I ever even hoped it could be.

I became a mother and that is the thing that defines me more than any other thing on any list I could possibly make.

I look at them sometimes and still can't believe that God let me have them both.

They are perfect (even if a little maddening and exhausting sometimes).

As I wrap up my 20s I've been holding onto the positive things and the things I need to remember as I move forward to be a better mom, friend, and photographer. I've been learning to let go of the people/things/memories that aren't going to help move me forward.

One of the first real steps I took in doing so was to go through my apartment and purge it of the things that we either don't need or that don't make me smile when I look at them.

Life is too short to hold onto things that don't matter, literally and figuratively. Although getting rid of "literal" things is the easy part.

As part of my fresh start I'm making very real plans to re-brand at the end of the year. That process is going to be very slow and very intentional - and one of the first things on my list is this blog. So in the interest of a true fresh start - I deleted everything up to this point. My style has changed so much since the blog began and my editing style is different than when I began (as it should be).

I want the blog to be a reflection of where I'm at now - but I will forever be thankful for the different chapters that had to be written before this one could start. 2018 will be the year I finally stop neglecting the blog. The first real post on the new blog will be coming very soon.

PS: These pictures are some favorite from my Rebranding Mood Board. Bright, full of color, and cheerful - exactly how I want my 30s to start and how I'm thankful my 20s are ending.

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