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Splendor Valley in Early Fall

This morning I woke up to one of the first days that truly felt like fall. It was chilly and foggy and the perfect start to what I would consider my first wedding of the fall season.

Splendor Valley, where it was held, is gorgeous no matter what the weather (and equipped to handle basically anything) but it's always nice to show up to blue skies with fluffy white clouds and a nice breeze.

I snapped these before I walked inside because I knew it wouldn't be long before people started making their way down to the ceremony spot to soak in the views themselves.

Hannah, the bride's, mom had reached out to me on Instagram about having a surprise for her daughter and wanting to capture it before she put her makeup on. Originally I wasn't going to be arriving that early, but I told her I would come a little early because 1. The gift sounded super sweet and 2. I'm a sap. Hannah had asked her mom to write down the lyrics to, "You Are My Sunshine," because she sang it to her often growing up. She did - but then she had it made into a bracelet.

I thought that was seriously just such a thoughtful present.

So funny story and small world moment. Her mother-in-law had a blue swiss dot dress and I was like, "I love swiss dots. One of my friends owns a boutique and the dress I love most there is swiss dots. I always point it out when I go there. I have 1000% considered wearing it myself one day." A few minutes later I opened her dress and was like... "... wait. Where did you get this?"

"Meadowbrooke!" - her, as I held that very dress I was telling her was my most favorite.

Just. Look. At. It.

While Hannah was getting ready I took some of her details outside. She picked the best colors for the season and they complimented her red hair amazingly. I was impressed (like... dorkily impressed) with how well the stitching on his boots matched her bouquet (that her grandmother made). I meant to ask her if they planned their whole wedding around those boots because I have a hard time believing that they got that lucky shopping.

I mean really look how well the stitching matches.

I loved her turquoise jewelry (blue IS my favorite color).

One of my favorite parts about this venue is the getting ready suite for the bride. It has the best walls for those sweet "getting ready" moments.

Look how pretty she is.

Can you believe she did her own makeup?!

Look. At. The. Sleeves.

First looks with dads are always so sweet. I will be so sad if one day when I get married my dad isn't there. I will also be very surprised if to avoid crying he doesn't make fun of my dress. Her dad embraced the tears.

The ceremony views at this venue are always stunning.

Today was no exception.

How sweet is this wedding party?

Another "small world" moment at the wedding for me happened when the people setting up were explaining the ladder near the ceremony site was for one of his best friends, who tragically passed away. When they flipped the photo up (the wind had knocked it down) I immediately recognized Josh, the husband of one of my first friends I made in North Carolina. As much as my heart hurt for them when I didn't know who it was it hurt more to see him and know it was his hat. It also made me smile a little knowing that Josh was the kind of person who, even now, people still love so much they can't celebrate without him.

Also - how cute are these couples with their cowboy hats?! I had to take this shot.

& I seriously can't believe her grandmother made this bouquet. It made quite the statement in the best kind of way.

Now - the part everyone was waiting for. The pictures of the two of them. Drum roll pleaseeeeee....

Y'all remember I mentioned this is one of my most favorite wedding dress, ever, right? Naturally I made her let me take an insane amount of photos of just her in it and waft and swirl it around. It's such a fun and flowy gown and it was perfect for her.


One last shot before I hit publish on this post and it's one of my favorites just because I haven't actually been to SV since they put the pond in and because the tractor mowing the field behind it kicked up a bunch of dust that gave us golden hour vibes three hours early AND I could see their reflection.

I hope you all love these as much as I loved being there today.

Full vendor list coming soon.

Venue: Splendor Valley

Dress: Meadowbrooke Bridal

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