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A Sweet Southern Church Wedding

I know a ton of photographers who steer clear of church weddings.

(Lighting can be tricky at a church wedding I will give you that).

Personally? I love them.

Even if they are more challenging and not always as "grand" as some of the venues in the area - because I love hearing why a couple chose the church that they did. I'm sure that's because when I think about where Nick & I would get married if we got married I know it would be at the church we started attending together back when I was 20 and where we still attend today (even though because of the pandemic we attend church via FB lately). Shelby has been going to this church since she was little and her grandpa was the pastor.

& the lighting inside may have been challenging - but outside it was perfectly colorful and had the best fall vibes, ever.

& honestly - the brown leather chair helped tie in all of the indoor and outdoor shots. Something I try to do at every wedding so that the albums are seamless.

Plus I mean - stained glass windows.

One of my favorite MUA's, ever, was there for Shelby - and she had her looking like the beauty queen she is (no literally - she's a real life beauty queen).

I love that Shelby wanted to have a prayer with the women in her life before the wedding started and I honestly got choked up listening to it. It was such a touching moment.

The wedding was full of moments like that - like their "first touch" and their letter exchange. Ladies - marry a man who feels THIS blessed to call you his wife.

& a man who thanks God for answering his prayers by sending you to him.

Were we in a parking lot for these? Maybe. Was it prettier than spots on the parkway? Yes. Plus those colorful flowers really made everything pop.

I mean really. I LOVE these florals.

& the socks (ha).

It was SO windy this day - and Shelby had the prettiest veil on, so I had Kassidy help me hold it for some fun shots like this one.

The one just above this is my absolute favorite. Shelby's face says, "Yes - I am safe here with you and I love you."

Naturally we took pictures by the sign because 1. that red tree 2. the congrats to them and 3. her grandpa's name on the sign.

PS; Brent of Blue Ridge Films isn't just an amazing videographer - he's a great team player and tree shaker. Which is why he's always at the top of the list when my couples ask me who I recommend for videography.

If we hadn't been on a time crunch I could have shot in front of these windows all day.

But we headed to High Vistas Golf & Country Club (one of my favorite indoor venues) and the fun photo ops continued there (in the freezing cold).

Her cake. It was as good as it was pretty.

& her best friend? The sweetest.

This sparkler exit was one of my favorites because there were SO many guests involved. Pro Tip; if guests start trickling out go ahead and do your exit with sparklers early, because the more there are the better the pictures turn out!

& if the sparklers last awhile? Run back through again!


Shoes: Bridal Cottage Legacy (Etsy)

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