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Sarah & Spencer

Sarah & Spencer are two of the sweetest people I've ever met.

After meeting their families it was easy to see where they got their warm, welcoming, and kind personalities.

Her grandmother's shimmery dress may be one of my favorite "grandmother of the bride" outfits, ever.

One day I would love to have a photo of my grandmother's hands by my mother's like these. I have always really liked hands in photos. Especially when we can get multiple generations in one shot.

When her mother saw her start to get ready she started crying - and her grandmother beamed at her the whole time she was getting into her dress.

Also. I am never, ever, ever sad to walk into a wedding and see pinks and blues. Ever.

As much as I love fall and winter weddings I spend most of the season missing spring colors. So when I saw Sarah's florist, I swooned a little. My second shooter felt the same way.

Recently I mentioned that I love a classic band for men. Well, I also am a huge fan of solitaire diamonds. So I'm giving their rings a 10/10.

[She had a photograph of him and his grandfather who is no longer with them put on his tie so that he could be with him on their wedding day - this is him opening that package].

& I love, so much, that they got married at his church.

I also really love that they did a "first touch" and prayer, so that he didn't see her but could speak to her beforehand and pray over their marriage before it even began officially. One day this is something I would consider, for sure. Because I'm almost certain my future husband won't be convinced to do a first-look. Even though I would want one, ha.

Ladies, a man who gets emotional while praying for the two of you is a keeper.

You are an answered prayer for him, Sarah.

It's so obvious to anyone who sees him around you.

I am a huge fan of church weddings, especially when they have sentimental value to my couples.

2020 threw us for some loops (lock down happened the day of their first engagement shoot and the parkway closed) but these two still made it down the aisle.

Sarah should be a wedding planner, because the woman has an eye for details. Truly.

I could have moved this Bible off of the table for shots of the florals, but this is the kind of couple building their relationship on a foundation of faith and a relationship with Jesus - so I felt like keeping it in photos was as appropriate as it was photogenic for them, specifically.

This wedding's timeline was so different than the norm, and we did the sparkler exit before we did their formals because the reception ended earlier in the day and Sarah was concerned sparklers wouldn't work during the day. I assured her that personally I prefer daytime fireworks and sparklers because they remind me of magic - and because photos can still be colorful like I like them. Was I wrong?

I hope you enjoy these previews of their big day.

I had so much fun being a small part of it.

PS; on a personal note, because I am a firm believer that God puts us where we need to be and when we need to be there. & because I think any opportunity to share how good God is is an opportunity we should take, especially in 2020 - when life is hard and loss is abundant...

I had to drive past my alma-mater, Western Carolina University, to get to this wedding.

WCU is where a friend of mine who passed last week and I met. Today his friends, family and loved ones attended a celebration of life for him. & while I couldn't go because I was shooting Sarah & Spencer's wedding, I still got to drive past a place full of memories of him.

& I think there's something serendipitous about that.


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