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Sam's First Birthday

I think that now, in 2020, more than ever we are all aware of how much things can change as time passes. I'm looking at Sam's newborn session (newborn - ish) and can't believe how much one of my favorite little families has changed in 1. the last year and 2. since I was friends with Hannah in high school and we were teasing her about her crush on Ben.

I wish I had a photo on hand of teenage Hannah & Vicki, but I do have photos on hand of teeny tiny baby Sam. Look how much he's grown!

& look how much the other kids have grown, too.

I don't always feel like the twins change very much and then I look at my friends' kids and I'm like, wait... are the twins growing this fast, too?!

PS; these two need playground breaks so we took playground breaks. Best investment, ever.

Oh Maggie. This sweet girl makes me WORK for these smiles, every single time.

& it's 100% worth it, always.

Sam? Sam doesn't make me try very hard at all. He is the cuddliest, most smiley chunk in the world.

Charlotte used to be like Maggie and would make me work hard for a grin - but big sis is my easiest subject these days. & is infinitely patient while her younger siblings rought house around her (and on her). Cough, Henry.

Happy birthday, Sam.

You are so lucky to have been born into the family that you were.

Your mama is one of my favorite people in the world and has been for over 1/2 of my life. & I will forever be thankful that I got to hear about your Daddy as a teenager and watch their love story unfold. You were the perfect ending to the chapters where this family continued to grow.

PS; Hannah wanted some rustic photos and I don't think it gets more rustic than overalls with chicken poop on the bottom, ha!

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