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Providence Country Club Wedding

Kendall & Will, like so many other couples in 2020, chose to postpone their wedding until they could safely have every person they want in attendance there and chose to still have a small (less than 15 people counting them) celebration and wedding ceremony so that even though the celebration is postponed - becoming husband and wife was not.

I started off at their new home (which is post card worthy, truly) and spent a bit with Kendall and a handful of her relatives. I also got to spend time with her pets - job perks, ya know? She showed me a beautiful bible her grandmother brought back from Jerusleam for her and I knew I would have to take her detail shots on it. It's gorgeous, and so were the opal earrings and necklace her mother let her borrow.

Then we headed to Providence Country Club where they had the most beautiful blue skies and unusually warm weather for November. Where they stood in front of their closest relatives and expressed how much they love each other and how thankful they are God allowed them to cross paths and do life together.

I am so happy for them.

I have told all of my couples since March that if they can survive wedding planning during a global pandemic during a polarized election year and all of the rest of the chaos 2020 has brought us all - they can survive anything. They are in the midst of the "or worse" and "in sickness" parts of their vows already.

I look forward to watching Kendall and Will grow older together - and to their big celebration next year. As far as Plan B wedding plans go - theirs was better than many people could hope for a Plan A. It was perfect.

Even if 2020 wasn't perfect. Real love has the power to do that.

To create the most perfect days and moments in the midst of craziness and chaos and to help us block out the negativity and focus only on the good things (the truly amazing things) in life; like how our loved ones make us feel.

Today I could see Kendall and Will focused only on each other, on their loved ones, and on the joy they felt. & it was contagious.

Congratulations, you two.

Thank you for having me there today.

It really was the best day, ever.

[Seriously - a postcard home]

The star of the show.

DID I take a painting off of her wall for these detail shots? Absolutely.

His smile when he saw her walking down the aisle - the sweetest.


SThis isn't Kendall's wedding dress for the big wedding - but I'm not even sure how she'll top it. It looked like it was made for her. Sparkle sleeves? Yes please.

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