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Newborn Shoot: Morgan Family

There will always be a special place in my heart for NICU surviors. Whether the sweet babes are there for a week or two (like these littles) or a few days or a few months (like my girls). NICU time moves slowly for parents. One day feels like an eternity. So when I knocked on the door of their home and heard both babies crying while mom and dad ran around trying to get ready my heart ached a little for those days - because while NICU time drags, the time home with babies flies by faster than any parent of toddlers wants to admit. Although, at the time of screaming babies and running late perpetually it didn't feel like time was flying by.

It was though.

These moments don't last forever, and that's why I love lifestyle newborn shoots.

I love that one day they'll have pictures with one year olds holding themselves up on that chair they are cuddled on or toddlers watching movies together in it.

[Big brother was more interested in video games than pictures - I get it buddy, I get it]

I kept that in mind while shooting this sweet family. I tried to remember that the girls hands used to be so sweet and teensy tiny, that their baby wrinkles on their legs and arms used to melt my heart, and that they used to fit in my arms much more easily than they do now.

This family is blessed with three adorable little boys; and big brother is going to get a run for his money one day when these two realize they out number him. As a twin mom it's hard not to smile when I see these sweet boys holding hands and trying to snuggle one another because even though mine are much bigger than these little ones, they are still always trying to stay close to their twin. I also know that those baby screams I heard through the door are going to turn into toddler fights over toys one day but that more often than not people on the other side of the door are going to hear the sweet giggles of best friends who have known each other for longer than even mom or dad have known them.

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