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Morgan & Austin's Summer Wedding

Everything about Morgan & Austin's wedding was "my" favorite kind of thing. A pink-ish dress? Yes please. AnaRie hair and makeup? Always the best. Pink and blue colors? Sold. Pizza? Yum. Seriously - it's a wedding I might have planned for myself.

How fun is her dress? I could have taken photos of her twirling around in it all day. The Never Ending Flower farm out did themselves with her bouquet.

AnaRie - your girls had Morgan looking like an actual Disney Princess.

Seriously - twirl twirl twirl. All day, Morgan. Thanks.

Cotton Candy flowers? Please & thank you to all of my future couples (wink).

Also - her wedding band set was so intricate and gorgeous. Another one of those things I could have taken photos of all day. I stole the from her no less than three times during her reception for "just a few more photos."

These were just minutes before the sky let loose - the lightening was CRAZY for about 45 minutes and this shot was super lucky - I just happened to be clicking away while she twirled. Right as we started walking in because of the thunder the rain came down. We tried to wait it out and do the ceremony outdoors as planned, but the weather wasn't having it. So instead we moved it inside. Which was fine with me (and the couple) because indoors was just as pretty.

Morgan & her dad smiled and joked with each other all day. I LOVE when the father of the bride is as excited about his daughter's wedding and future husband as she is.

Nobody was as excited as Morgan though. She threw her arms up and around him SO fast when the officiant said she could finally kiss her husband.

& since the rain didn't stop we broke out my clear umbrellas and took advantage of how pretty a summertime rain shower can be. One side of the sky was blue and sun was pouring in but the other side was dark and still pouring rain. Honestly, these umbrella shots may be my favorite from their whole day.

I love that you can see the cross in the background and the raindrops around them but that it wasn't dark and gloomy and all of the colors are popping.

Seriously - they were the happiest group of people, all day.

& the kiddos were the best listeners.

10000% would put the twins in that little dress for my own wedding one day.

Okay - the wedding party were also GREAT listeners and such good sports. Once the sun came back out the temperature probably went up ten degrees in five minutes and it was so, so humid - but everyone just laughed about it.

Originally the ceremony should have been here, at this cross, so we made sure to snap a few down by it before the rain started back up again. It would have been a gorgeous location, but honestly the inside of Amity Creek Farms didn't look like a "Plan B" location. Some venues you can tell that moving inside isn't the original plan. That wasn't the case here.

If you hover over any of these photos you'll notice you can Pin them to your Pinterest boards. These cake photos? Pinned to my secret "one day" board. Because I am not sure I've ever loved a pink and blue cake more than this one. Their day of coordinator/the groom's cousin made this cake. How?? If I tried to make a wedding cake it would be somewhere on the internet under "epic fails."

So while it is incredibly trendy to throw things after weddings or to use sparklers some venues don't allow either (I don't know if they could have used sparklers here, but lately I'm coming to more and more places that don't allow them). These ribbons are PERFECT for couples who aren't allowed to throw things (or don't want to) and can't use sparklers (or don't want to). If you're wedding planning and not sure what to do about an "exit" - consider something like this! Plus, the kids got to take them home to keep playing with them.

I hope you enjoyed this "preview" blog post. I'm going to try to be better in the future about doing a quick preview blog for all of my weddings if it's something you all actually love to see (and something my couples want). Let me know in the comments below <3

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Her dress, Earrings, & Hair Piece // Wildflower Bridal

Dress Designer // Willowby by Watters

Hair & Makeup // AnaRie

DJ // Lynx DJ's

Her Rings // Kay Jewelers

His Ring // Manly Bands

Bride's Shoes // Kate Spade Keds

Groom Shoes // Double H's Boots

Suit and Jackets // Mitchell's Tuxedos

Table Runners // Etsy - EmmasAtticStore

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