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Max Patch Fall Sunset Engagement

When his mom reached out to me asking if I was available to shoot a proposal for him on 10-10-20 at Max Patch, a place they love to go, I was so disappointed to tell her that I was shooting a wedding and wouldn't be able to. I even offered (and then immediately regretted it because I'm not a morning person) to shoot it if he could coordinate at sunrise.

Turns out - they aren't morning people either.

Thank goodness, ha.

So she asked if I could shoot an engagement session for them, if he handled the proposal shots on a cell phone. We planned for 10-11 - and the weather had other plans so we had to postpone.

Because they were coming from out of town and because everyone's schedules were crazy I was surprised we found a day so quickly for our "let's keep our fingers crossed the weather holds up" date.

When we got to Max Patch there were more cars than I have ever seen and I was just looking for a red dress. I found them in the parking lot helping an elderly woman down from the trail and into her car (bless their hearts). After she was safely in her vehicle we started the trek up (and ditched jackets in the car because the weather was honestly perfect).

We ended up with fall colors, pink wildflowers, tiny daisies (her favorite flower), blue skies with fake looking "Toy Story" clouds, an INTENSE golden hour, and then a hot pink burst of color right before the sunset.

The breeze on the mountain top made the photos extra fun (and felt amazing).

I'll forever be thankful that they could have asked anyone to shoot these photos for them (there ARE 135907 of us in the area) and that they chose to coordinate with my busy schedule just to let me do them.

I'm even more thankful the weather held up after they drove as far as they did for photos (about 3.5 hours each way).

PS; anyone know what that "bald" spot is in the landscape photos? Sort of looks like a golf course to us but we don't think that's right!

I hope you all enjoy these previews as much as I enjoyed getting to watch the sunset and laugh most of the evening with these two.

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