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Luck, NC

Once upon a time I did a magical shoot at Max Patch in temperatures so cold it made my phone in my pocket die. Which would have been cool (get it) if I didn't NEED said phone to get back home. So, I attempted to do so without my GPS and took a rather long detour from Max Patch to Waynesville - which brought me past Luck, NC - luckily enough.

I had almost forgotten about this little gas station when Kari started asking me to think "outside of the box" for her maternity shoot. A quick Google search found images of it and once I had the town name I was able to ask a friend for directions (because I wouldn't have found my way back if my life had depended on it).

Zach was one of my favorite people in HS and if I had dreamed up the perfect woman for him she still wouldn't have come close to Kari. & their little girl? THE cutest thing. I can't wait to see her become a big sister.

Just look at her giving that baby a kiss.

This little girl is so full of spunk.

Can you believe how perfectly their outfits coordinated with this spot last minute? Because I couldn't stop talking about it the day of their shoot (and clearly can't even now).

PS - if you find yourself near some fun rusted something-or-other and there is even a SLIGHT bit of blue (my favorite color) you can bet I'm asking for your rings so I can take fun detail shots.

We drove down the road to Trust, NC and found this pretty spot by a creek - but we didn't stay long because it turns out March isn't too early for mosquito season in NC.

PS - women like Kari who look this amazing with short hair make me want to cut mine off. Then I remember I also did not look this cute pregnant and will not look as cute as her with that haircut, either. She's adorable. I also don't look that cute in glasses (currently green with all of the envy).

Pro tip: when kiddos won't kiss a belly - tell them to smell it. Look how happy she is "kissing" that belly ;) In ten years, she won't remember she was sniffing it (ha).

The next time I see these three they will have become a family of four (by just a few hours). I don't always agree to do newborn photography and have never agreed to do them in a hospital (germaphobe problems) but Kari asked and I couldn't say no (although I did try referring her elsewhere first). I'm really glad she persisted - and I can't wait to see their new snuggly baby soon.

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