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Jodi & Caleb's Chestnut Ridge Wedding

As photographers we all have "bucket list" venues. Chestnut Ridge is on most vendor lists in the area, and for good reason. So when Jodi asked me to do her wedding there I was STOKED. Stoked, y'all.

I probably shoot more purple weddings than any other color and I'm never sad about it.

When Jodi started crying reading the letter her mama wrote her I almost lost it.

Beer and bridal hair - there's probably not a more accurate depiction of Jodi's personality than those photographs, ha.

Prayers before weddings are always so sweet. Always.

& This sweet girl is Kayden, who has been a flower girl for "me" so many times I've lost count. She's also the best listener and instantly poses when she sees my camera.

"Boys act natural," - me "Okay!" - boys, as they do not act natural. But I love these shots so much haha there was so much laughter happening in real life.

This. This shot is everything. I'm just super glad they didn't drop him.

Groomsmen are always so happy when I let them take some silly/drinking pics - and I've learned if I'm gonna boss them around and make them smile later it's best to just let them "be boys" for a bit. In the picture above are three of my grooms - they usually tell the other guys it's not "horrible" and will "be done soon," ha.

Oh sweet girl...

I mean, you can't forget to hype up the groom.

Chestnut Ridge has the perfect place for a prayer before the wedding when you don't want to see each other.

Yeah. I cried when he cried. Don't judge me.

When it was time for pictures guests were already arriving so we opted to stay indoors, which is fine when the room you're getting ready in is as pretty as everything else.

This moment. One of those moments I thought, "OH GOSH PLEASE HAVE GOTTEN THAT" as it was happening because it was so quick and so sincere.

The following are some of my favorites at this venue to date (and have been shared on Visit NC Smokies blog because it shows the mountains and venue off PERFECTLY).

Their dances were so sweet.

& then they went from sweet... to hilarious.

The dancing did not stop ALL night and I don't think it would have stopped at all if they hadn't sent everyone outside to watch fireworks.


Cake: Lindsey Moore

DJ: Tim Griffin

Day of coordinator: Julie Wheatley

Preacher: Eric Whiteside

Videographer: Lightning captures photography (who was there to second shoot and when the hired videographer was a no show she jumped right in to save the day)

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