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Jill's Lake Junaluska Maternity Shoot

Jill & Colby are some of the first friends I made when I was living in Andrews, NC. I met Jill in an English class at WCU - and she was the first person I knew "from school" who also lived "where I did." So naturally we bonded over our love of reading, disdain for our Shakespeare class at times [those readings were TOUGH], and our love of the only Mexican restaurant in Andrews I knew of.

When the twins came home from the NICU Jill would pick up their older sister for me and take her to school so that I didn't have to load two tiny babies into a car after being up with them around the clock for medication schedules and so that Ky didn't have to wait at the bus stop in the cold. When we came down with the flu right before their first birthday and I was home alone at 4am and not sure how I could possibly hold their bottles let alone them, safely, I called Jill in desperation - and even though they knew we were contagious she and Colby drove over at 5am just to sit on the couch and hold them while I slept until someone else could come over and help the rest of the day.

They are true friends. SO when Jill let me know she was pregnant - I was ecstatic. When she was afraid something would happen because she understands the statistics of miscarriages in the first trimester - I started praying diligently for her and that baby, no matter what happened. When she finally felt "secure" in the pregnancy it felt like I took a deep breath with her. This baby is so, so loved already. They are going to be THE BEST parents and I can't wait to watch this chapter of their lives unfold.

& this baby has been prayed for, diligently.

Also - how perfect is her name?

Can you tell the twins love them? Or that I love Jill? <3

PS: if you or someone you know is expecting, maternity shoots are my favorite kind of photo sessions, always.

& sometimes I think it is fun to show "before and after" pictures so that people can really appreciate the editing that goes into the images I deliver. Here's a "before" picture - it was super cold, very cloudy, and kind of a dreary winter day - but you'd never know it by looking at the gallery!

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