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Jessica & Will's Wedding

How pretty are these flowers?

& Jess. & Her dress ?

& their rings. I'll be honest - I almost never see a classic gold band for a groom anymore and it's honestly my favorite kind.

We found the dreamiest little corner at the venue where they had their reception (The Third Generation Barn Loft Venue) and I could have spent a lot of time playing in these purple flowers.

I knew as soon as I took them they'd be the previews for this evening.

We leave bright and early for the beach tomorrow morning so I am calling it a night for now... BUT I am bringing my laptop with us so sometime this week I'll add a few more previews and update with all of the vendors.

Will & Jess - I am so happy for you both. Truly.

PS; Shout out to Sarah, from Sarah Can Plan It, for running to the store for me and getting a salty snack and cold water so I didn't pass out (yay heat). & for helping these two have the smoothest wedding I've ever attended (no exaggeration).

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