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How To Catch A Mermaid

I think most of you are pretty familiar with the fact that in this household (and in my business) we are always VERY happy to indulge in a little whimsy and magic.

So when Vindara reached out about her wedding and mentioned she's an actual real-life-swims-in-real-water-even-when-it-is-cold mermaid (really though, you can book her for events and parties or even zoom meetings just shoot her an email) I basically told her we had to do some with her tail.

James (her fiance) was on board and since he likes to fish we thought it would be fun to show him "catching" his mermaid. Now, I'm not about to dangle a real life engagement ring over water so these two brought a ring pop. Okay - two ring pops. Maybe the first one broke.

Maybe James ate the evidence that it broke.

Maybe he had to drill a hole into the second plastic ring to get it to stay on the hook.

Who really can say.

When we got to the spot we chose it was a whole 44 degrees and crazy foggy. We started off in non-mermaid attire and the fog made everything look fall-ish and really brought out the first few pops of color of the season I've been able to photograph. I love that the colors matched her hair.

Then they changed and she got into the coldest water, ever. My feet hurt just from standing on the shore. She's a champ, for sure.

Today I learned if you want to catch a mermaid it helps if the ring is edible and if it matches her tail.

Be patient. Sometimes it takes a minute to grab the ring when you're avoiding sliding off of a rock and into frigid waters.

Once she's got it, she'll be so distracted with her new sparkly (tasty) ring that she'll let you sit down with her.

Once you sit down next to her she'll want to show you her new sparkly (tasty) ring.

& then if you're lucky she'll let you kiss her.

Even if she's so cold she can't feel her face.

Good luck, to those of you wishin' you were James right now, catching your own mermaid one day now that you know how.

Remember; Ring Pops are key.

(I hope you love their previews - this session was absolutely worth waking up early and traipsing around in the cold)

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