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God's Timing Is Perfect, Always

The first photo session I ever did for these two included a few pictures of their decision to start the adoption process after trying to conceive for 6-7 years. At that point in their marriage (they've been married 12 years now) they had undergone several rounds of fertility treatments and when the last one resulted in a miscarriage Laura couldn't handle another round (which is so understandable) and they started discussing adoption.

In September of 2018 they matched with his birth mom, and in November their son Ryan was born.

The next time I saw them their little boy was turning one - and looking so much like the two of them that I'm not entirely convinced they didn't secretly have him and just pretended to adopt for a funny inside joke.

This time? This time they had another announcement. After stopping trying years ago once they held Ryan (who was SO much more than enough for them that it hadn't even occurred to them to try for a second baby) they were pregnant!

God sure does have a sense of humor when it comes to His plan versus our plans.

They had all been sick, but when she wasn't getting any better her mother suggested she take a pregnancy test. She "yeah right-ed" her mom, but took one anyhow.

Obviously - it was positive.

As a mama who has had multiple miscarriages I truly mean it when I say to trust God's timing and God's plan. They are always perfect. Even if sometimes they are really, really hard and discouraging.

Laura and Matt and I talked about how if they had gotten pregnant easily they might not have thought to adopt - and if that thought hadn't occurred to them at the exact moment it did they wouldn't have been blessed with this little guy specifically - and he's theirs in every way that matters.

They prayed so hard for him and the adoption process is not an easy one - they fought hard to be his parents and can't imagine life without him. God knew what He was doing by making them wait for a pregnancy - and his timing allowed them to end up with not one little one, but two.

Which is so much more than they had ever hoped for and I am honestly just so happy for them.

I absolutely can not wait to meet the fourth member of their little family.

I'm also really thankful to the families that trust me with big news and who include me in new chapters of their lives - like this sweet family has over and over again. & for the families and clients who trust me when I'm like, "I think my yard would be cute for these pictures," and come to my house when it's 30 degrees outside (ha).

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