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Front Yard Engagement Session

So here's the thing; not all front yards are created equal.

My front yard? You get a view of the neighbors across the street and some local businesses. These two? Well. I'll let the pictures show you what they see when they head out of their driveway. I could have shot in their yard all day if it hadn't been 31 degrees (before the wind chill).

I love Baltic Born dresses for engagements, especially if there is wind. They tend to be some of the flowiest (is that a thing?) gowns around.

The wind was ice cold, but these two toughed it out and still managed to make each other smile throughout the session. We did have to give them a couple of "go get in the truck and warm up breaks" which provided good opportunities for me to snap some pretty ring shots.

This land is his and they'll be getting married across the street on his family's land. Nick and I were talking (okay okay III was talking and he was listening, as usual) about how cool it would be to have enough land to divvy up to the girls and their future kids one day.

Consider that one of my current life goals as of today. Because I love the idea of having a great view and also having my kids close enough when they grow up to walk over if they really wanted to.

I can't wait for their wedding this spring.

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