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First Day of School Minis

I finally, finally invested in studio equipment - which I've been putting off the entire 7 or so years I've been doing photography. Why? Because Nick's parents (the twins' Mamaw & Papaw) bought me my first umbrella lights at the flea market one day while they were shopping.

So I felt like for the first-day-of-school minis I could try them out.

I bought a colorful Vicki-World-Styled backdrop, lots of bags of confetti, a colorful globe (that I was planning to buy the twins one day anyhow), and a cute felt board I found online and voila! My first "studio styled" shoot was ready to go.

Naturally, I tried it out on the twins.

Even though they have sunscreen in their hair and I haven't brushed it in two days I still think they are the cutest little girls in the entire world.

I know I'm biased and that Nick gets all of the credit for those blue eyes but my gosh - they are pretty and I want to sob thinking about them starting Kindergarten this year.

Or you know... how old I'll be in 2032 when they graduate High School.

If you're interested in a mini-shoot or you think these are cute be sure to hit the share button and help this mama out by spreading the world to your friends. I still have openings this Friday & Saturday and since they are "in home" I can always do another round before school starts.

Best part? I won't be posting previews. So you can share them on your kid's first day of school.

PS: I had a mama with a little one reach out because she liked the set-up but her kiddo is only almost a toddler. So if she books we are going to put milestones on the board instead of "Class of 20--." I don't offer mini shoots often, so take advantage for sure. & the confetti is optional, but 100%recommended.

Book here for minis this weekend or email me to set up your own date (minis are less discounted on days I do multiple so for the best deal try to come this weekend)! Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well, please & thank you!

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