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Fall Wedding in Hendersonville

COVID made this couple pivot their wedding plans.

& then pivot again.

& again.

& again.

So when the forecast was calling for thunderstorms ALL day - I wanted to cry a little for them. I packed up clear umbrellas. I wore clothes that I can get muddy & wet in - and I prayed the rain would hold off until after their first look.

& then it did.

& then it held off until I was driving home and they were almost done with the reception.

The fall color looked amazing against cloudy skies and anyone who knows me a little knows I was in love immediately with the sequined gowns her bridal party wore, the blue and pink colors, and her intricate gown.

It was a perfect day, 2020 curve balls and bad forecasts be darned.

- I mean ... glittery shoes. Jus' sayin' -

[his reaction to seeing her the first time]

[Believe it or not - this was an Air BNB - how amazing is this "front yard?"]

& her cousin made these face masks for all the girls. I loved them.

& because I promised them - some bloopers of him wacking her in the noggin' with his noggin' and his reaction that somehow I managed to catch even though I wasn't taking pictures at this time. Priceless.

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