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Fairytale Bridal Shoot

I waited SO long to share Skylar's bridal session. From the moment we did her engagements I knew they were going to be magical but when she got out of her car my inner photographer was like, "YES THANK YOU THIS SHALL BE SO EASY!"

Her dress.

Her veil.

Her hair.

Her flowers.

Everything was so romantic and dreamy.

I told her the pastel bride at The Botanical gardens would be perfect - and I didn't lie. It honestly looked like we were somewhere fairies might be running around.

I mean, seriously. How cute is she?

& how amazing is the detail on her dress? Even the bottom?

"Skylar trust me... we won't get the dress dirty," - me, standing in mud.

& guess what? We didn't.

I still can't believe her mother made this bouquet.

Her dress is one of my favorite in the world.

& it turns out, you can run in it - which we found out running from a giant black snake. No big deal.

Also. I will 1000% look like a fool and stand under a pretty veil just to get the romantic shots like these. It's my favorite thing about veils, besides tossing them.

I am a fan of fresh flowers - but I also really love when faux florals are done well because there's no pressure on me to mess them up. These florals? They were done WELL.

Skylar wouldn't let me take her earrings home.

I'm still a little bummed about it, but I'll forgive her... eventually.

PS; bridal sessions, in my opinion, are a great way to make sure a bride loves her hair and makeup look. They also give me the opportunity to add an extra dose of confidence before the big day - because after them the bride gets to see how stunning she looks in her bridal pictures and doesn't have to wonder if she looks like a "real bride" or a "pretty bride."

She knows for sure.

Just like Skylar did.

Dress Designer: Essence of Australia

Dress Boutique: Wedding Inspirations

Hair piece & Veil: Wedding Inspirations

Earrings & Shoes: Dillard's

Bouquet: Florals via Hobby Lobby MADE BY HER MOTHER (what?!)

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