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Erin's Biltmore Maternity

Some of you may remember Erin's spring time Biltmore engagement session (it's one of my favorites because when the spring flowers bloom it is officially my favorite time of day) but if you don't - just click here.

I suggested we re-do those photographs only this time the focus would be on her baby bump and not on her new ring. Erin & Kyle agreed it would be fun and we coordinated our crazy schedules. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't cooperating. Instead of rescheduling (because you tell a twin mama she got ready for nothing) we made the best of a rainy day and headed into the greenhouse where the pretty flowers didn't know the world was dreary outside.

I love the details of her Pink Blush dress. I'll be honest, I would probably wear this as a normal dress. I love that she chose blush pink - in honor of the twin girls she's carrying around in that belly.

Naturally - we tried to find all of the pink flowers for her girly maternity shoot.

You can't even tell she doesn't feel well in this photos - even though she checked into the hospital the next day and wasn't allowed to leave for a few days. She and the babies are doing great, but if you could spare prayers that wouldn't hurt anything. She's hoping to keep them in her belly for as long as possible.

Karson is less than thrilled with me here - mostly because I threatened to make him take a photo with MY twins (who were wandering around the greenhouse with their dad, Nick). But all in all, he was a good sport. He is very excited to be a big brother, even if you can't tell here (ha).

[This shot may be one of my favorites]

Now Erin wanted to slip into a pair of high heels for a few more "normal Erin" photos and I have to say, I have never been more impressed with a pregnant woman.

I don't know what these flowers are, but I love them.

& I love this growing family, and can't wait to meet the twins. MY twins can't wait, either!

You can find her session on Pinterest, also. Where I am "trying" to upload all of my shoots/weddings for 2019 but we'll see how that goes once wedding season gets hectic. Be sure you're following along on Facebook & Instagram as well.

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