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Early Morning Fall Maternity Session

Since wedding season in the Asheville area this spring was derailed by COVID and almost ALL of my spring clients/weddings moved to fall my October calendar is intense. For that reason, the only fall minis I'm really doing are in my backyard. When I tell people to "trust me, it's pretty" I can always tell there's a little bit of hesitation. Once they see it? They start to see what I'm seeing.

One of my favorite parts about the fall/winter in our home is watching the steam come up off of the river and hit the sunlight when it first starts peaking through the trees. The trees turn the prettiest shades of yellow and orange (though, I really feel like they are falling early and changing late this year) and I love the way the back yard looks covered in leaves. Especially when the leaves become covered in frost like they were today.

Eventually we'll move to our forever home and I already know I'll miss the little red barn next door and the way the river looks at sunrise (especially this time of year). So while we're here, and while people like Grace & Nathaniel are willing to drive out to shoot in it - I'm going to soak up the view and take advantage of how much beauty there is a stone's throw from where my girls sleep and play.

These two are some of my favorite people in the world to talk to about life, kids, faith, church, and families with - period. If they were closer Grace would 100% be the kind of mama friend I called to come over (in a non-pandemic world) to sit and drink coffee and talk about life with while our kids played. They are going to make the most wonderful parents, and I can't wait to watch that chapter unfold for them.

I have never left a session with them not feeling loved, valued, and a little closer to God and more confident in myself as a person and as a mama. They are two of the most uplifting and encouraging people I know and I'll be in a good mood the rest of the day just because my morning started off with their maternity session. I hope you love these previews as much as I love watching these two love each other.

Look. At. This. Mama. To. Be.

Just look at her. Talk about glowing.

[I was really excited to see this little rainbow across her belly because the funniest thing happened at her bridals; I saw a gorgeous rainbow and was basically yelling for them to run when I hear a weird sound and Nick go, "Um... I think Brooklynn is peeing," and I look over and sure enough Brooklynn is just peeing in the parking lot through her little dress and I pause for a second and I'm like, "Keep going we'll deal with that after the rainbow!!!!!" & then we got the rainbow and I had to change Brooklynn before we finished their shoot, ha. It's one of my favorite "mom life" moments as a working mom].

They are seriously so cute together.

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