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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Noah & Josh would both really like organs that aren't trying to kill them for Christmas.

Organs that let them live their best lives and go on adventures together - or even just to dinner where both of them might actually have an appetite and not wondering if they should be at a hospital instead.

These two braved the cold in their matching bestie Christmas jammies JUST to help raise awareness for Donate Life and to ask YOU (Santa) if you could make these miracles happen before Christmas.

If you could - there's extra cookies in it for you ;).

If you can't - there will still be cookies - just not as many.

Thanks so much,

Noah's Big Sister

PS: Josh shared these photos on his blog and shared his story and the "why" behind the shoot if you want to head over there and read it. All I had to do was snap the photos while these two are fighting for their lives and trying to stay positive through it all. Be sure to spend extra time at both of their houses this Christmas.

Oh - and the twins want me to tell you they have been really good, too.

To see the rest of the shoot please visit Josh Michael's Blog. & if you have a Kidney to spare - be sure to reach out to him and see if you're a match. Noah can't use a living donor - but so many of you continue to offer and it makes me want to cry, every time, I'm so grateful.

Special thanks to UNCA's Botanical Gardens for letting us shoot these there. Their property is beautiful, year round.

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