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Dani & Matt's Chestnut Ridge Wedding

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

When Matt messaged me to let me know he wanted to propose to Dani during family pictures at their new house, I was ecstatic for them. Sometimes you can just watch two people together and know that they'll be happy 50 years from now - and these two are like that.

I've been waiting for their wedding day since then and when the forecast was calling for rain all week I was disappointed, so you can imagine how exciting it was to arrive at Chestnut Ridge and see blue skies. Honestly the rain held off during the exact right times and these two ended up with some pretty ideal weather all things considered.

The thing is, Dani didn't care if it rained. She was just happy to be marrying Matt. & he felt the same.

I love that she picked a subtle color palette but that her bouquet still had so much depth and definition. It was classic but whimsical at the same time.

Please always bring confetti poppers to your wedding - it was so much fun during the getting ready portion and since we were indoors clean up was easy (I wouldn't recommend these outside).

A first look with your girls is NEVER a bad idea, ladies.

The thing I love most about Chestnut Ridge is how versatile their reception space is. It looks different every time I'm there. I loved how Dani chose to set it up for their day.

How adorable are they?

Get you a wedding planner/coordinator who looks at you like Kayla looks at Dani.

You ready to get a good laugh?!

"MOM NO!" hahahahaha